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Fancy a cuppa? Coffee for thought.

The humble teabag has long since been the staple of the average Brit’s kitchen; with any and every occasion is the perfect occasion for a cup of tea. However with the rise of coffee chains and a booming coffee culture; daily coffee consumption has risen from 70 million cups a day in 2008 to a staggering 95 million cups just over a decade later.

While many still drink instant coffee; this new found love of coffee has paved the way for more and more innovative coffee machines so consumers can replicate that barista-style coffee experience at home, because lets face it – buying a coffee everyday gets expensive very quickly.

EPE brand partners Melitta understand the importance of giving consumers the best coffee experience in their own homes.

Nigel Morrison, Consumer & Trade Marketing Manager for Melitta UK explains: “More & more discerning customers are buying high-tech, quality bean to cup and filter coffee machines that not only fit with the minimal fuss-free design of the kitchen but also deliver great tasting coffee at the touch of a button.

Nigel goes on to highlight Melitta’s Purista Bean to Cup, a slimline and practical kitchen appliance with all the modern conveniences thanks to it aforementioned one touch feature; easy cleaning and LED display. There’s more than one way consumers are getting their caffeine fix. Pour over coffee sets are another brilliant range from Melitta; bringing back traditional handmade coffee making methods for the new generation of coffee consumers looking to take their morning coffee to the next level.

On this Nigel states:

“People are starting to think about coffee more like wine – from the origin of the beans, roasting and perfecting the brew – never has it tasted so good.”

Read the article that inspired this post in Progressive Housewares Magazine – Jan/Feb 2020

Are you looking for that perfect coffee making solution for your customers? Stock up on the Melitta Purista Bean to Cup and the Pour over sets today. Email: or call: 0844 800 8055.

12th February 2020

Shhh…Quiet Appliances: Revolutionising Modern SDAs

Are quiet appliances the key to appealing to the modern consumer?

The sale of consumer appliances, is predicted to exceed £8.4bn in 2020, up from £8.2bn from last year. These appliances are the backbone of the SDA industry, the bread & butter of the appliance sales sandwich. Competition is indisputable, so getting products noticed is a key factor for many retailers. Thus it is important to stock products that really speak to the needs of the modern consumer.

From an article on quiet appliances in Bira magazine (Jan/Feb 2020):

“In a survey of 3000 UK consumers in April 2019, 71% said that how loud an appliance is when used at home matters. The sound of a home technology product is an important differentiator when it comes to purchasing.”

Think about it. How many times have you put the kettle on or set up your coffee machine first thing in the morning to get your daily pick me up and suffered through the raucous sounds of your SDA’s grumbling away? Not the best way to start the day is it? Your customers feel the same way.

Quiet Mark, the International Consumer Champion Award for quiet high performance appliances are taking strides in tackling the UK’s noise pollution problem. The accreditation makes it simple for consumers to find the quietest appliances in every category.

Our new brand partners Melitta have coffee machines that are proudly accredited with the Quiet Mark award and you can become a stockist of both the Barista TS Smart & the CI Touch and help your customers enjoy that morning cuppa with peace and quiet… at least from their coffee machine! Email or call 0844 800 8055 today for more information.

6th February 2020

Kettles and Coffee Machines; Luxury Gifts for Christmas

Christmas is on the horizons and many of our retailers are hopeful that Christmas season brings in the sales. Personal Care products tend to have the regular spot in festive gifting but have you ever considered the humble Kettle or a Coffee Machine?

Long gone are the days of basic kettles and coffee machines simply being staples in homes up and down the country. While still the most commonly bought SDAs by consumers, style factors in highly alongside functionality with these kitchen staples. Consumers are looking for elegant and aesthetically pleasing SDAs that coordinate with their kitchen decor as well helping them make a nice cuppa.

On gifting SDA, Keval Shah, Head of Marketing at Beko states: “The gifting opportunity for SDA over the festive period is an important one. The types of gifts consumers are considering have changed over the past few years. Whereas kettles and coffee machines never used to be considered as Christmas gifts, they are now luxury items that people actively covet.” – Read the full article on ERT Magazine November 2019

We couldn’t have put it better ourselves. Become a stockist of some coveted, luxury kettles and coffee machines over on our trade site today, where currently you can get £10 off orders over £200 as part of our Do Good December event.

6th December 2019

KRUPS Bring You The Red Docle Gusto Oblo

The newest addition to the Oblo family from Krups comes in a eye catching red.

KRUPS are one of the biggest names in coffee right now.

The KP110540 has 15 bar pump pressure and a 0.8L tank capacity.
This capsule machine will brighten up your kitchen all year round.

For more information on this product and to order please speak to our sales team by calling 0844 800 8055 or email

7th July 2017

Looking back at Krups at the London Coffee Festival

Krups Success at the London Coffee Festival

The London Coffee Festival has now come to a close and it has been an incredible one.
At this years festival and everyone who visited the Krups stand got to use virtual reality system they had set up.
Krups have been a leading name in coffee since the 1840s, they are dedicated to perfection and moving with the times.
The Krups stand was stylish and had much to offer from coffee tasting and demonstrations. The team really brought their coffee game to the festival.

To find out how you can stock these lines please speak to our sales team by calling 0844 800 8055 or email

25th April 2017


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