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Reclaim your home this Autumn

Reclaim your home this Autumn

Floorcare experts BISSELL have the essential products for your post-summer clean up

Having the kids home during the school summer holidays can wreak havoc on your house. Mischief is inevitable, and with that often comes mess. From crafting mud pies in the garden and then jumping on the bed to making experimental potions with bath bombs and painting the carpets with tomato sauce, your home becomes their summer playground and nothing is safe.

But now the kids have gone back to school leaving plenty of mess behind them, it’s time to reclaim your home and give it some Autumnal love. Carpet washing experts BISSELL have just the products to help…

BISSELL Deluxe™ with HeatWave Technology™  

Reclaim your home this Autumn Deluxe

RRP £349.99

From: AO.com, JD Williams, BD, Jersey Electricity, Hughes, Makadams, Stuart Westmorelands, Fenwick Stores

Over the summer months, our carpets suffer a lot of additional wear and tear with extra visitors traipsing through our homes, creating a mess and leaving behind unsightly dirt, invisible bacteria and smelly stains. Sometimes, the clean-up requires more than a vacuum and only a carpet washer will do.

The process of carpet cleaning with the BISSELL Deluxe™ – engineered to reach and remove deeply embedded dirt and bacteria – is just as easy as vacuuming and can be done in a similar amount of time with impressive results.

As well as the obvious dirt and messes, the BISSELL Deluxe™ can tackle tough stains and remove the things you can’t see, such as rotting food particles, grime from the garden and dust mite matter. It even works on old stains, so last year’s wine spills can finally be a thing of the past. In addition, you can keep your home smelling summer fresh throughout the colder months, as the BISSELL Deluxe™ penetrates deep into carpet fibres to wash away odour causing bacteria.

Top tip: is your sofa looking tired after a summer of sticky fingers and muddy shoes clambering all over it? When cleaning the carpets with your BISSELL Deluxe™, use the built-in hose tool to tackle stains on your upholstery too – it works like a dream.


Powerglide Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Reclaim your home this Autumn Powerglide

RRP £249.99

From: Amazon, Lakeland, JD Williams, BD, Atkinsons, Fenwick Stores, Hughes, Robert Dyas

You’ve probably been doing the odd half hour vacuum before guests arrive throughout the summer, but now you have the time and space to reclaim your home and to do it properly, you want to make sure you have the appliance that does the job best.

For a vacuum that packs a powerful punch, try the BISSELL Powerglide. It gives you a 45 minute cordless clean across carpets and hard floors alike, with two brush rolls which gather up dust and debris as it glides over the floor.

The Powerglide features a Lift-Off® canister that allows you to easily carry the central vacuum wherever it’s needed most, reaching all the trickier spots that have been neglected over the summer.

Top tip: By using the brush attachment on the Powerglide’s hose you can tackle dust on the skirting boards and cobwebs in the corner of the ceiling.

The University cleaning essentials from BISSELL

The University cleaning essentials from BISSELL

When you’re buying your teenager their university essentials, cleaning appliances are probably not at the top of the list – after all, you’re more concerned about making sure they can eat. But do you really want them to spend years living in squalor, with other people’s toast crumbs sticking to their bare feet?


BISSELL Supreme Sweep™ Turbo Rechargeable Sweeper

The University cleaning essentials sweeper

RRP £49.99

From: Amazon, JD and BD

The cleaning experts at BISSELL know that students don’t want to spend their time cleaning, so they’ve created the Supreme Sweep Turbo – perfect for a quick sweep over carpets and rugs as well as laminate and wooden flooring.


It is cordless and battery powered which gives 60 minutes of cleaning time, with a rotating brush that captures and removes crumbs, dust and everyday debris. It also has a handle that lies flat, making it easy to glide under and around furniture – ideal for even for the laziest of students.


BISSELL Featherweight™ Pro 2-in-1 Lightweight Vacuum Cleaner

The University cleaning essentials featherweight

RRP: £39.99

From: Lakeland, JD Williams, BD, Robert Dyas, Jersey Electricity, Housing units, Toobys, Fenwick Stores

This bagless, lightweight, 2-in-1 vacuum cleaner from BISSELL is perfect for the first-time vacuum owner. Why? Well, not only can it vacuum hard floors and rugs, but it also easily converts in to a hand held vacuum, making it ideal for cleaning-adverse students who want to pick up the obvious gunk and grime and leave the invisible dust and dirt where it is. This means less time cleaning, and more time at the pub with friends.

EPE have been Listed In The Top 50 SMEs of 2016.


Bradford has always been a fantastic place to do business, as well as being a successful breeding ground for entrepreneurs, and our Top 50 SMEs league table demonstrates how much potential there is for ambitious companies to expand and prosper here. 

EPE have been Listed In The Top 50 SMEs of 2016.

EPE have shown growth in the SDA market consistently each year, this is bringing them closer to their target turnover by 2020 and now to be listed in the table of the Top 50 SMEs of 2016 is testament to there mission and drive to keep growing and to show strength in the turbulence of todays market.

The table includes businesses from across a vast range of industries from engineering to manufacturing and retailers to dairy farmers that are all expanding and helping to put the city on the map.

The confidence that this level of investment brings cannot be underestimated and it’s something that all businesses can benefit from, especially when it is combined with other positive initiatives such as the Northern Powerhouse agenda.

The Bradford district has an economy worth around £9.2 billion, the third largest in the region behind Leeds and Sheffield, with predicted growth of around 25 per cent over the next ten years.

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